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Youth Services Program - Title I

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title 1B Youth Program provides services through our local One Stops Career Centers to low-income youth, ages 14-24, who face barriers to employment. Services strategies developed by New Jersey’s Workforce providers, prepare youth for employment and / or post-secondary education through strong linkages between academic and occupational learning.

Strategies must incorporate one or more of the 14 required youth program elements. These elements are:

  • Tutoring, study skills, and dropout prevention
  • Alternative education
  • Paid and unpaid work experiences
  • Occupational skills training
  • Leadership development
  • Supportive services (Transportation, child care, work uniforms, tools, etc.)
  • Adult mentoring for 12 months
  • Follow-up services for 12 months
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling
  • Education offered concurrently with, and in the area context as workforce preparation activities and training
  • Financial literacy education
  • Provision of labor market information
  • Activities that help youth prepare for and transition to post-secondary education and training
  • Entrepreneurial skills training

Youth NJWIN’s

NJ WIN 6-17 Youth Program Element Technical Assistance Guide

NJ WIN 3-17 TEGL 21-16

NJ WIN 1-17 Youth Work Experience

NJ WIN 20-16 Youth Program Procurement Requirements

NJ WIN 16-16 WIOA Youth Program Eligibility Guidelines

NJ WIN 10-15 WIOA Youth Program Design and Leveraging

NJ WIN 9-15 TEGL 8-154 (Youth Program)

NJ WIN 8-15 WIOA Youth Assessment and Youth Individual Service Strategies

NJ WIN 5-15 WIOA Youth Eligibility Guidelines


Document / Templates


Youth Eligibility Determination and Documentation Guidelines (2/17)

Youth Program Elements Technical Assistance Guide (10/17)

Workforce GPS:  Youth Workforce .org/resources/2017/01/19/13/56/WIOA-Youth

Program-Elements Resources

Certification of Non-Enrollment in School For 16 To 21 Year Olds

Eligibility Determination and Documentation