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Issue Date: May 18, 2017

NGO Issue Date:  May 18, 2017


For Technical Assistance Contact:


Name: Bionca Reed


Division: Workforce Development


Telephone Number: 609-292-2767


Email Address:


Name of Grant Program:   New Jersey Youth Corps



Fiscal Year of Grant Program: FY18


Start Date and End Date of Grant Program: July 1 2017


Purpose for Which Funds will be Used:  The purpose of this Application for Continuation Funding is to provide a full-time, year round program designed to assist young adults, ages 16 – 25, who have dropped out of high school without earning a high school diploma to successfully transition to employment, college or additional training.



Entities That Can Apply for Funding Under This NGO:

Organizations receiving Youth Corps funding who have met both program and fiscal requirements in Year One FY2017 will be eligible to apply for Year Two FY2018 funding.

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