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Issue Date: May 18, 2015


For Technical Assistance Contact:

James Manning, Division of Workforce Grant and Program Management




New Jersey Youth Corps

Application for Continuation Funding


Fiscal Year 2016


The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) is proud to announce a Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) for the New Jersey Youth Corps Application for Continuation Funding for Fiscal Year 2016.


The purpose of this Application for Continuation Funding is to provide a full-time, year round program designed to assist young adults, ages 16 - 25, who have dropped out of high school without earning a high school diploma to successfully transition to employment, college or additional training.


Organizations receiving Youth Corps funding who have met both program and fiscal requirements in Year Two FY 2015 will be eligible to apply for Year Three FY 2016 funding.


A grantee must be in good standing with LWD's Division of Employer Accounts. Any organization that has an outstanding liability to LWD will not be able to have its contract executed by LWD until the liability is resolved.



Take Notice that, in compliance with N.J.S.A. 52:14-34.4 et seq., the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (hereinafter "the Department" or "LWD") regularly publishes on its website at all notices of fund availability pertaining to federal or state grant funds, which may be awarded by the Department. The notices of fund availability may be found on the Department's website under the heading "Public Notices" and the subheading "Notice of Availability of Grant Program Funds."


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