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Issue Date: October 5, 2015

For Technical Assistance Contact:

Deborah Darbee or Camille DiLeo

Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity




New Jersey Builders Utilization Initiative for Labor Diversity

NJBUILD Newark Program


Fiscal Year 2016


The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) is proud to announce a Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) for the New Jersey Builders Utilization Initiative for Labor Diversity (NJBUILD) Newark Program for Fiscal Year 2016.


The New Jersey Builders Utilization Initiative for Labor Diversity (NJBUILD) is one of several state program for training women and minorities in the construction trades administered by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD). Unlike other training programs, NJBUILD funds are specifically limited to construction trades training and cannot be used for other industry-related training, such as management and engineering occupations. Funding for NJBUILD is provided through the annual Appropriations Act and P.L. 2009, c. 335. These laws ensure that all members of the public are afforded the opportunity to benefit from the economic recovery funds and associated state spending, and that every public contract, whether for construction, services, goods or other services provides equal employment oppotunity for women and minorities.


This targeted, competitive opportunity is designed to provide grants for both construction trades training to women and minorities and placement services to participants in occupations as outlined in this NGO. Placement and training is targeted to the City of Newark. The following organizations are eligible to apply as the lead agency:

  1. County or municipal governments;
  2. Public training providers or trade schools;
  3. Community-based organizations;
  4. Labor organizations;
  5. Employers and/or contractors;
  6. Public vocational schools;
  7. Institutions of higher education;
  8. Public or private, non-profit agencies; or
  9. Trade organizations which represent a particular trade, group of trades, contractors or employers

PLEASE NOTE: If a labor organization is not the lead agency, the applicant is required to partner with a labor organization.


Take Notice that, in compliance with N.J.S.A. 52:14-34.4 et seq., the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (hereinafter "the Department" or "LWD") regularly publishes on its website at all notices of fund availability pertaining to federal or state grant funds, which may be awarded by the Department. The notices of fund availability may be found on the Department's website under the heading "Public Notices" and the subheading "Notice of Availability of Grant Program Funds."



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