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Issue Date: April 29, 2016

For Technical Assistance Contact:

Name: Patricia Jordan

Division: Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity

Telephone Number: 609-984-3534

Email Address:                                                                                                                                                              

Name of Grant Program: NJBUILD – Incarcerated Women

Fiscal Year of Grant Program: FY16

Start Date and End Date of Grant Program: June 30, 2016 to June 29, 2017

Purpose for Which Funds will be Used:

NJBUILD – Incarcerated Women
NJBUILD Incarcerated Women in Construction - New Jersey Builders Utilization Initiative for Labor Diversity
The mission of the NJBUILD Incarcerated Women in Construction program is to promote pre-apprenticeship training in the construction trades industry for incarcerated women residing in the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women (EMCFW). This grant will assist in providing greater opportunities and incentives for incarcerated women at the EMCFW by providing pre-apprenticeship training, basic skills instruction, workforce readiness (employability skills) instruction and a structured work experience which will emphasize vocational-based training for entry-level skills in the construction trades. The program will seek to teach residents of the EMCFW entry-level construction skills and increase employment opportunities upon release from the Facility.

LWD has established the following two objectives to achieve the goal of this grant:
• Engage eligible training providers to provide vocational and technical training to incarcerated women.

• Provide training in the following areas:
 Basic skills instruction;
 Workforce readiness (employability skills) instruction; and,
   Occupation-specific construction-related trades training.

Each applicant must include an Activity Plan (Attachment B) on how they will meet each of the two objectives.

There are 12 affiliated construction trades occupations in the construction industry. The following 12 occupations have the greatest opportunity for employment based upon projected growth and replacement data. Proposals must focus on construction training for women residing at the EMCFW in the following occupations:

      O*NET Code                    Occupation                                                                                          
      47-2021.00                        Bricklayers
      47-2031.00                        Carpenters
      47-2111.00                        Electricians
      47-2141.00                         Finishing Trades (Painters, Glaziers, and Drywall Finishers)
      47-2131.00                        Insulators  
      47-2221.00                        Iron Workers
      47-2061.00                        Laborers
      47-2073.00                        Operating Engineers 
      47-2152.01                         Pipe Trades (Plumbers and Pipefitters, Sprinkler Fitters, Heating, 
                                                Ventilation and Air Conditioning [HVAC] Service Technicians)
      47-2181.00                        Roofers
      47-2211.00                        Sheet Metal Workers
      51-8021.00                        Stationary Engineers and Boiler Operators

The total amount of funding available for this program in Fiscal Year 2016 (FY 2016) is estimated to be $100,000. The source of funds is anticipated to be New Jersey Builders Utilization Initiative for Labor Diversity (NJBUILD), P.L. 2009, Chapter 313. The grant period is expected to be for a 12-month period and is estimated to begin June 30, 2016.
Final awards are contingent upon State allocation of funds. The applicant’s budget must be well considered, necessary for the implementation of the program, and within the funding parameters. Final amounts will be determined at the time of pre-contract revisions. Ineligible, inappropriate or undocumented costs will be removed from the funding request.
This targeted, competitive opportunity is designed to provide both construction trades training to incarcerated women as outlined in this NGO. All training providers must be on the State’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). The following organizations are eligible to apply as the lead agency:

Entities That Can Apply for Funding Under This NGO:

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