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Issue Date: December 14, 2015


For Technical Assistance Contact:

Howard Miller, Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity


Adult Literacy Help Desk




Adult Literacy & Community Library Partnership Pilot Program


Fiscal Year 2016


The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) is proud to announce a Notice of Grant Opportunity (NGO) for the Adult Literacy & Community Library Partnership Pilot Program (ALCLP) for Fiscal Year 2016.


The purpose of the ALCLP pilot grant program is to create direct partnerships between local libraries and New Jersey’s Federal WIOA Title II adult literacy instructional service providers.  New Jersey libraries are an essential partner in providing adult literacy services within their communities.  LWD views the services provided by New Jersey libraries as complimentary to the WIOA Title II system and as such wants to create new and/or expand existing partnerships between the two groups.  The expected outcome is that New Jersey residents will see expanded service opportunities that includes additional locations and time availabilities that meet their needs.  This pilot program funding is designed to improve access and instructional opportunities for New Jersey residents to increase their Adult Basic Education and/or English Language proficiency skills through the state’s library system.  WIOA Title II providers are envisioned to best provide traditional classroom instruction and the libraries to provide the delivery setting and wrap around support services to achieve success.


This one-year grant program is open to the followng eligible applicants seeking to provide adult literacy services to New Jersey residents in conjunction with the state's One-Stop Career Center (OSCC) system.

  • Any state, county or local library; or
  • Consortium of libraries.

Take Notice that, in compliance with N.J.S.A. 52:14-34.4 et seq., the Department of Labor and Workforce Development (hereinafter "the Department" or "LWD") regularly publishes on its website at all notices of fund availability pertaining to federal or state grant funds, which may be awarded by the Department. The notices of fund availability may be found on the Department's website under the heading "Public Notices" and the subheading "Notice of Availability of Grant Program Funds." 


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