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Issue Date:June 30, 2017

For Technical Assistance Contact:


Name: Gerri Brosh 

Division:  Workforce Development 

Telephone Number: 609-777-1516 

Email Address: 

Name of Grant Program: Opportunity Partnership Grant 

Fiscal Year of Grant Program: FY18 

Start Date and End Date of Grant Program: 7/1/2017 to 6/30/2018


Purpose for Which Funds will be Used:

The purpose of the Opportunity Partnership Training Grant (OPG) program is to assist displaced/dislocated workers secure employment by providing occupational training in industry-valued credential areas that employers have identified as a requirement of the job. The Opportunity Partnership Grants is designed to provide industry needed occupational training to a statewide audience of displaced/dislocated workers, to support the development of high-quality employer-driven partnerships, to build on career pathways in the state's key industries, and to increase the number of adults who have obtained an industry-valued credential.


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