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Issue Date: April 27, 2017

NGO Issue Date:  April 27,2017

For Technical Assistance Contact:


Name: Kelsey Williams 

Division: Workforce Development

                                Kelsey Williams

                                P): 609-777-1994





Name of Grant Program:  Adult Literacy Library Partnership Program 

Fiscal Year of Grant Program:  FY18 

Start Date and End Date of Grant Program:  Grant will run one year based on award decision 

Purpose for Which Funds will be Used: 

The Adult Literacy & Community Library Partnership (ALCLP) grant program is designed to create and/or expand Adult Basic Education and/or English Language Proficiency services within New Jersey libraries. New Jersey libraries offer convenient access and a welcoming environment for adult literacy services, making them an integral part of continuing adult education.  The Department of Labor and Workforce Development (LWD) views these services as complementary to New Jersey’s Federal WIOA Title II adult literacy instructional service providers and as such wants to create a relationship between the two.



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