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Hudson Community Enterprises

10am - 12pm

6 Gauntt Place Building #2, Lower Level Conference Room

Flemington ,  NJ   08822
County: Hunterdon

Hudson Community Enterprises

HCE is a nonprofit organization with business operations throughout New Jersey.  Our organization is a community rehabilitation program with focused efforts in vocational rehabilitation services for individuals with disabilities and or barriers to employment. This includes:
- Visual Impairment/Blindness 
- Hearing Problems
- Arthritis / Orthopedic Impairments
- Cardiac or Circulatory (Heart Disease)
- Epilepsy/Seizure /Diabetes/ Hypertension
- Blood Disorders (Anemia, Sickle Cell)
- Muscular Dystrophy / Cerebral Palsy / Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinson's / Polio
- Renal/Kidney Problems
- Respiratory/Asthma
- Congenital/Birth Injury
- Learning / Developmental Disability
- Autism/Pervasive Development Disorder
- Substance Abuse/ Drug Court 
- Psychiatric/Mental Health/ ADD/ADHD

Hiring for: Building Maintenance Services

2 openings at: North Hunterdon High School, Annandale (NJ1390825)
This is a part time, second shift starting at 3pm until 11pm
- Pay range is $12 - $12.50/hr. depending on experience

3 openings at: Princeton Montgomery, Montgomery (NJ1390825)
- This is a part time position starting at 5pm until 10pm
- Pay range is $10 - $12.00/hr. depending on experience

Duties of the position(s) include:
Sweeping, Vacuuming, Dusting, Mopping, Office Cleaning, Trash removal,
All floors, Blinds/Curtains, Sinks/toilets, Baseboards, Fixtures

Knowledge sets include:
Brooms, Dust mops, Floor buffers, Floor polishers, Floor scrubbers,
Floor waxers, Maintenance, et mops.

Special Requirements:
- Applicant must provide documentation of any of the above disability, any treatment history
- Applicant must undergo a background check
- Applicant must have proper identification

Please share this job opportunity with anyone who may be interested in attending. It is encouraged, but not mandatory, to RSVP to attend this event. RSVP to to reserve a seat.


Contact Information:
Event Contact:  Jessica Johanneen
Phone:  (999) 999-9999