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Six Flags

10am - 12am

Mercer County One Stop 26 Yard Ave
Trenton ,  NJ   08625
County: Mercer

Summer is here. Have some fun while working!
Food service, Retail, Photographers, Entertainment performers, Security, Ride attendants, Cash control, Admission host, Lifeguards, Office support and many more
Different shifts available.

This is not a recruitment or hiring event. This is an orientation. Learn and ask questions. You can fill out online application at the office after the session.
Please be on time, seats are limited!
Orientation will start at 10:15

What to bring: pen/resume

Mercer County One-Stop Career Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer with Equal Opportunity Programs Auxiliary aids are available to all individuals with disabilities.

Contact Information:
Event Contact:  Iliana Ivanov