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Homasote- recruitment

10 am - 11 am

Mercer County One Stop 26 Yard Ave
Trenton ,  NJ   08625
County: Mercer

Plant Electricians- $19-$21- NJ1328987
Plant Mechanics- $18-$20- NJ1329007

West Trenton

Wednesday, December 6, 2017
10am-12 noon

Electrician - NJ1328987-$19-$21:

The Plant Electrician lays out, installs and maintains a wide variety of electrical and electronic equipment, switchboards, etc. Will establish secondary distribution centers, balances load, wires complicated circuits having a large number of units and connections, and diagnoses and remedies any related trouble. Works from wiring diagrams and schematic drawings. High School Diploma. 4 Years of apprenticeship preferred. Experience in a manufacturing or factory environment. Full time
Plant Mechanic - NJ1329007- $18-$20:

Makes adjustments or repairs, as assigned and scheduled daily by specific and general oral instructions, to pumps, compressors, belting, drivers, blowers or other mechanical equipment. Does routine lay out work such as measuring and marking location points for drilling or for positioning brackets and frame work. Dismantles mechanical equipment for major overhaul or maintenance service, makes repairs, makes brackets, replaces repaired part, or new part, or part which has had major repair, assembles roll ends using torch, (does minor welding), and reassembles equipment. Experience required. Full time.

What to bring: Pen/Resume

Please call: 609-989-6201 to schedule your appointment



Contact Information:
Event Contact:  Iliana Ivanov
Phone:  (609) 989-6201